Somavedic Portable

The principle of how Somavedic Portable works is brilliantly simple. It’s basically a rechargeable shape emitter. This charm is universal and can be recharged from any “big” Somavedic. It is also possible to randomly combine Somavedics it recharges from.

For example: One day you recharge it from the Medic and in three days from the Harmonie. The time it stays charged is completely dependent on the environment we are in and this needs to be kept in mind! A subway or a tram driver will be glad if the Portable has a 10% capacity at the end of their shift. In case of a shop assistant it will stay charged for two days and a farmer will have it charged for about a week. It also depends on which “big Somavedic” is used for recharging. The least effective recharging is from the Atlantik. I recommend using the Harmonie, the Medic, and the Medic Green Ultra for recharging.

Ways of use:

I have a Somavedic device:
The charm automatically connects to the Somavedic device I have at home and gives me the energy needed at work, in a subway and anywhere away from home. It works at 100% of its efficacy.

I don’t have a Somavedic device:
That’s okay, you can still use it in the same way. Without a Somavedic device, it works at 45% of its efficacy.

How to use it:
Keep it with you, eg. in your pocket. (Therapist and producer Ivan Rybjanský recommends right pocket.) In that case, it creates a protective field around your body up to a distance of about 50 cm!
If you have a Somavedic device, it is recommended to place the Portable on it and let it recharge there overnight. Well charged, the effects of the charm reach up to 5 metres from the body.

What to use it for:
Aura harmonization (100%) and chakras activation (20%)
Elimination of effects of geopathogenic zones (50%)
Elimination of electrosmog (75%)

Elimination of negative energy from people: 100%
Elimination of psychosomatic energies in the environment: 85%
Development of extraordinary abilities: 10%
Deepening meditation: 11%
Improvement in concentration: 10%
Improvement in overall physical health condition: 20%

*Data was measured and provided by healer Jan Betko

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