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About us 1

The very first Somavedic was assembled by Ivan Rybjansky on 1st April 2011 in his workroom. At that time, he had a vision: “If this would help only one single person, then the effort was worth it.“ The same year, he produced and sold 500 devices. After years of innovation, research, testing and collecting feedback, the Somavedic has come a long way. Now, tens of thousands of Somavedics are shining and harmonizing the environment throughout the whole world.

Since the very beginning, Somavedic has had the potential to change the world to a better place. With every new Somavedic switched on is this vision fulfilling and becoming a reality.

We thank to all of our customers that they are a part of this major and positive
change. We wholeheartedly believe in the bright future.

Ivan Rybjansky founder of Somavedic & his team.

Ivan Rybjansky founder of Somavedic



We started manufacturing Somavedic (till November 2014 - Somatex) based on 15 years of experience in the field of alternative medicine - Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, complementary medicine and related areas, and of course based on scientific knowledge in the field of frequency therapy - effects of specific "vibrations" on the environment and the human body.

 The main reason behind our intention to create a functional and broadly accessible device that can relieve people of health problems was our long-term finding that conventional medicinal treatment does not usually lead to complete recovery, but merely suppresses or simply transfers the symptoms of health problems to other areas.

As far as complementary and alternative medicine is concerned, the effect was short-term. One-off "recharging" in the form of various alternative methods or immediate removal of disease symptoms did not last too long and the health problems often returned sooner or later.

We started manufacturing Somavedic based on the fact that the best way to achieve long-term health effects and physical and mental harmony lies in establishing a lasting harmonious environment that can be created by Somavedic - and especially during sleep which is absolutely essential for the healthy functioning of our body. If we are exposed to negative effects of the environment during sleep, our body is unable to naturally recharge the energy needed for high-quality recovery and gradually experiences dysfunctions - from mild to the most severe ones.

Similarly, a number of people are exposed to the negative effects also in the course of their employment, where they often spend many hours a day in "defective" environment - most often we are exposed to geopathogenic stress or electromagnetic smog, which is emitted by mobile phones, computers, electric motors, power lines, etc.



In our opinion, it is very important to use Somavedic also in bioresonance centres where space is permanently polluted by all types of zones and energies, not only those in the very location of the center, but also those from the clients. And above all, bioresonance devices are constantly "clogged up" by client's energies and need to be cleaned as well as the operators of these devices. The practical result is much lower fatigue of the therapists and more accurate results of the bioresonance devices for clients.

Somavedic is currently successfully used by many bioresonance centers and is supported by some health professionals.

We wholeheartedly believe in its bright future!