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Proven possitive effects

Proven possitive effects

EMF / 5G / Wi-Fi Protection

EMF or electromagnetic frequencies exist everywhere in the environment. In our homes, school and work place. With the exponential implementation of connected devices and 5G it's more important then ever to increase our awareness about this all penetrating technology.


Structured water

Structured (or hexagonal) water is the water that's found in nature and in our cells. It's the most bio-availalbe state of water. Unfortunately, aging is causing the loss of the structured water in our bodies. But there's a way how to improve it.


Free radicals

Oxidative stress is an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body, which can lead to cell and tissue damage. A large body of scientific evidence suggests that long-term oxidative stress contributes to a range of chronic conditions.


Preclinical Research of Somavedic Efficacy

Results showing positive effects on the cardiovascular and nervous system, and improvement of the quality and lenght of the sleep.

International Association for Electrosmog Research

Report on biophysical testing of the Somavedic on protective effect when exposed to EMF

Somavedic's effects on the number of negative ions

Negative ions measurement

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