Somavedic Medic Ruby RED

Somavedic Medic Ruby has all the features and properties as Somavedic Medic,  plus on top of that has all the advantages and properties of the Ruby crystal.


  • Ruby - promoting spiritual growth
  • 4G/5G protection
  • Stimulating heart chakra activity puts the heart in balance
  • It encourages us to "go for the happiness"
  • Crystal represents the perfect shield against mental attacks and the "extraction" of the heart energy
  • It evokes positive dreams and clear visual images
  • It encourages pineal gland activity
  • It is one of the stones of abundance and helps to maintain wealth and enthusiasm
  • At the mental level, the ruby ​​stops the anger and negative energy. At the same time, it removes everything negative from your path.
  • Thanks to the protective effect of this stone, you can work harder during arguments and clashes.
  • In emotional life, the ruby ​​appears as a dynamic stone.
  • It stimulates desires and enthusiasm in the heart.
  • Ruby ​​is a crystal that supports the need to socialize with humans and induces sexual activity
  • As for the body, the ruby ​​helps to overcome exhaustion and lethargy. It impersonates strength and energy. On the other hand, it dampens hyperactivity.


Healing Use: Ruby removes toxic substances from the body, blood, and lymphatic fluids. It decreases fever and heals infectious diseases. It has a beneficial effect on the heart and circulatory system. Supports adrenal glands, kidneys, reproductive organs, and spleen.

Electricity Plug


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