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Portable - Somavedic US

Portable - Somavedic US

Portable - Somavedic US

Portable - Somavedic US

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Standard delivery 4-5 business days

60-day money-back guarantee

5 year warranty

The principle behind Somavedic Portable is brilliantly simple. It’s basically a rechargeable shape emitter. This charm is universal and can be recharged with any “big” Somavedic. It is also possible to use different Somavedics for recharging.

For example: One day you recharge with Medic and three days with Ruby. The time it stays charged is completely dependent on the environment we are in and this needs to be kept in mind! A subway or a tram driver will be happy if the Portable has 10% capacity at the end of their shift. For a shop assistant, it will stay charged for two days, and for a farmer, it will stay charged for about a week. It also depends on which “big Somavedic” is used for recharging. The least effective recharging is from Atlantik. We recommend using the Medic, Ruby, Cobalt or Medic Green Ultra for recharging.

Ways of use:

I have a Somavedic device:
The charm automatically connects to the Somavedic device I have at home and gives me the energy needed at work, in a subway and anywhere I am. It works at 100% of its efficacy.

I don’t have a Somavedic device:
That’s okay, you can still use it in the same way. Without a Somavedic device, it works at 45% of its efficacy.

How to use it:
Keep it with you throughout the day in your pocket. (Therapist and producer Ivan Rybjanský recommends your right pocket.) In that case, it creates a protective field around your body up to a distance of about 50 cm!
If you have a Somavedic device, we recommend placing it the Portable on it and letting it recharge overnight. Once charged, the effects of the charm extend up to 5 meters from your body.

What to use it for:
Aura harmonization (100%) and chakras activation (20%)
Elimination of geopathic zones effects (50%)
Elimination of electrosmog (75%)

Elimination of negative energy from people: 100%
Elimination of psychosomatic energies in the environment: 85%
Development of extraordinary abilities: 10%
Deepening meditation: 11%
Improvement in concentration: 10%
Improvement in overall physical health condition: 20%

*Data was measured and provided by healer Jan Betko

Customer Reviews

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I'm tired and do not feel well after switching Somavedic on. What should I do?

The adaptation to the coherent field of Somavedic can be connected with a mild detoxification of deposits, clearing of energy blocks and harmonizing body. The clearing process might temporarily (for the first few hours up to the 1-2 days) cause certain unpleasant feelings on the physical and mental level. Therefore, it is necessary to drink a lot of good quality water (see the attached leaflet - drinking regime) to easily wash the toxins away from the body and ease the process. This is a normal reaction and is by no means dangerous!

How do I know I'm being protected from EMFs?

It is measurable by bioresonance devices (such as Bicom). You can also run a home test for (the EMF and other burdens) with Free Radical test strips, before using the device and then after some time of using it to measure the difference. The effects also translates to your improved sleep, increased concentration, more energy during the day (or in the office), elimination of headaches and/or brain fog!

Isn´t the quality of the structured water destroyed by boiling?

The structured water is unfortunately destroyed by boiling, therefore we recommend boiling the water first and then placing it next to the Somavedic to be harmonized (structured) again!

What is the ideal place for Somavedic?

The ideal place is in the middle of the flat or on the ground floor in case of a single-story house. Sometimes, Somavedic "tells you" - or rather one can intuitively sense - where it should be put. It is not recommended to install the device under the bed or anywhere within a one-meter range around the bed.

Shall I leave Somavedic turned on all the time?

To maximize the effects, the device should be turned on all the time if possible. The current consumption is minimal - it does not exceed 1 kWh per month.

Can the stones be removed from the device, cleansed and recharged e.g. in the Sun?

The stones cannot be removed, and fortunately, cleansing is not necessary. By connecting the device to the mains, the stones are constantly connected with the ground, its original natural environment, and the energetic cleansing and charging is thus automatic.

Is there a blue light in the Somavedic devices?

Some models emit blue light. However, they are too small of a blue light source
to affect sleep. If you don't like the light at night, either place the device in a different room, or cover it with the lid of the paper box it came in, or with a piece of natural fabric.

What happens with the device after five years of using?

Devices produced in 2015 and later come with a five-year guarantee of their functionality and effectivity. If all LED diodes are on, Somavedic works at 100 percent even after these five years. If interested, customers can send us their device anytime to have it checked and tested.

My Somavedic's effects reach our neighbors' flat; are they under its influence against their free will?

First of all, we must think about the meaning of the term "free will". Its definition is as follows: It is the possibility of men to act according to their own decisions, not affected by other (outer) factors in a determinative way. However, quantum physics tells us that we are all part of one quantum field which has been carrying all information since the beginning of times. In this field, we are all surrounded by interacting particles and energies able to share and transmit information for infinitely large distances with zero delays. Space and time as we know them do not exist in quantum physics. Everything is interrelated, everything is interconnected!

Which means that what this theory clearly says is that there are no coincidences and that everything always happens for a specific reason. If we decide to use Somavedic in our flat and its effects reach our neighbors' flat, it is clear that they are supposed to be in the sphere of its influence, too.

Should I take the device with me when I go to a different room or a different floor in my house?

Definitely not. The range of the device is a 100 ft radius in all directions (like a sphere), it penetrates walls, floor and ceiling. The device should be placed at one place in the apartment or house and not moved around from one place
to another.

Why is the lifetime of Somavedic as long as it is?

It is the expected lifetime based on the lifetime of all the used materials and the sustainability of the energetic potential for a 100% functioning of Somavedic.