Somavedic Portable

Somavedic Portable,

has been designed for traveling, especially by car. Due to the tendency to use more electrical equipment in the cars, is the burden of the human organism by the electrosmog (EMF) enormous, especially if we take into consideration electric cars. The car bodywork itself is creating almost perfect faraday cage known from physics, which exponentiates the electric and magnetic fields and prevents them to clear up from the car. The electrosmog generated by electro-technology is ending up “traveling with us” in big concentration.

Somavedic Portable is made of sandblasted crystal glass with uranium admixture, providing it with extra strong power for harmonization of effects of electrosmog (EMF), free radicals, and geopathogenic zones. It is a mighty model with a smaller coverage - a perfect solution for a harmonic traveling. It’s a powerful little friend ready to accompany you anywhere you go: hotel, office, car.


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