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Under the Fuji mountain

When there are too many free radicals in the human body, they start to damage cells and cause multiple health issues. Therefore, it is very important to eliminate them in time…

One day in July, Mr. Ivan Rybjanský and his colleague Robert Janovský sat in a restaurant at a planned meeting. However, the therapist they were supposed to meet, didn’t show up due to a miscommunication issue.

This didn’t spoil the day for them at all. The owner of the restaurant ran inside with a joyful smile: „ She hasn’t shown up for a month, until today! “ and pointed her finger to the clouds, where the highest mountain of Japan, Fuji, appeared. Mr. Rybjanský, the creator of a unique device named Somavedic, which is capable of cleaning up the EMF pollution as well as the Geopathic Stress Zones, set on an unplanned trip and fulfilled his old dream at the same time.

Japanese organize hiking and driving tours on Fuji. The bus goes up to two-thirds of the mountain, where they arrive during the afternoon. Then they are to hike, so that they arrive at the top between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. and get to see the sunrise. In Japan, they don’t use Daylight Savings Time, so it gets dark as soon as 8 p.m. and the Sun rises very early.

Fuji mountain is usually covered in clouds. But it is surrounded by plenty of lookout points that are paid, where the Japanese go and patiently wait for „lady Fuji “ to show herself. „That’s how I did it, too “, smiles Mr. Rybjanský.
This time, the healer from Lovosice (a town in northern Bohemia, Czech Republic, Europe) knew what would such a tour around Japan involve. Consultations, appointments, lectures, visits and presentations morning till evening, in a typically Japanese hectic pace, with only one day of free time. Anyway, effort bears fruit. More than anywhere else, there is an emphasis on trust and good personal relations in Japan. Somavedic has a wonderful reputation there.

At the front page of every issue of the „Honmono“ magazine, translated as „The real thing“ or „What works“, the editor-in-chief takes a photograph with the manufacturer of a product that he personally tested and investigated. This time, the owner and director of the publishing house herself, Takaaki Rikimaru, took a photo with this remarkable Czech man.

Upon arrival in Japan, Mr. Rybjanský experienced a rare face-to-face encounter. Son of Masaru Emoto, the world-famous researcher, who devoted his life to studying the phenomenon of water, attended his lecture at The Real Research Institute in Tokyo.  Masaru Emoto, who become famous for his photographs of the crystals of frozen water, used to say: „As soon as people start taking water seriously and begin to understand it, they come to the realization that the basis of life is resonance and harmony“. What he meant by that was the fact that water carries information. When water gets dirty and dead due to the excess amount of chemicals and pollutants, crystals aren‘t formed anymore, or they become deformed and unsightly. On the other hand, according to Emoto, clear, mineral or harmonized water has the ability to form beautiful crystals of extraordinary symmetry. „Water is an honest mirror, where we can instantly see the effect of the acts of civilization on living systems“.

The two types of this device, Somavedic Medic Uran and Somavedic Atlantik are capable of harmonizing the water in such a way that it forms these beautiful crystals with astonishing symmetry. They have been successfully photographed by a technique similar to Emoto’s in a laboratory in Switzerland.  Masaru Emoto passed away in 2014, nevertheless, his son continues his work. When this Czech man told him about the water structured by his devices, he was so enthusiastic that he got instantly interested in a possible future contract. „He was happy to see we are carrying on the work of his father “, smiles Ivan Rybjanský, who presented the latest novelties on the lectures in Japan.

Recently, Mr. Rybjanský was driving home on the highway, when his phone rang. It was an engineer from Wien calling, Milka Nisslmüller, who is an official salesperson of Somavedic in Austria. Before she set on this journey, she made sure she tested what Somavedic is capable of herself. Her son works at the Faculty of quantum physics at the Vienna Center for quantum science and technology at the Vienna University, while her ex-husband works in the National Administration for drug control (like FDA). Her ex-husband called first, stating that Somavedic is capable of eliminating a significant number of free radicals by his low-energy radiating stream. Mr. Rybjanský was anticipating such effects of his device but was unable to measure them until this time. Research in this field is going to continue.

Free electrons
The way free radicals originate in our body is naturally by regular metabolic processes, and the body can manage this. However, the additional number of free radicals arises due to the unhealthy processes within the body, such as due to a compromised immune system, excess chemicals, low-quality food, smoking, and last but not least by increasingly stronger electromagnetic radiation. „EMF radiation generates a huge number of free radicals, and Somavedic helps eliminate these so that they don’t block essential processes within the body, “ his creator explains.

It is well known that free radicals ale molecules that carry an extra amount of electrons, because the protons to form a pair with are missing, and this makes them very unstable and reactive. They can cause various disruptions in the body because the free electron is trying to find his place and thus causes destruction. Naturally, substances called antioxidants found in vitamin-rich foods would eliminate them smoothly because they react spontaneously with these free electrons. The trouble is, there are too many free radicals due to the pollution of our environment, and not enough antioxidants in our low-quality food, which ultimately results in cell damage.

„All the time I have been making Somavedic, which has been 9 years, I am sometimes accused of attributing miraculous effects to it. This is a misunderstanding. Somavedic supports whole-body regeneration which takes place during sleep. When you sleep well, you stop being nervous and mean to the people around you. But if you are mean to your surroundings, it is reflected back to you, and others are mean to you as well. This makes you angry with yourself, results in not getting enough sleep, then you make bad decisions and end up being even more angry. Many people take up alcohol and drugs to solve it, which ultimately destroys their mental and physical health. It’s a vicious circle. Somavedic helps you to get rid of the blockages by cleaning up your environment and body so that it functions more smoothly. That allows you to stay on top of things and suddenly see better options in terms of making decisions; you don’t focus on little unimportant stuff anymore. Miracles depend on a person himself, all is in alignment in terms of cause and effect, Mr. Rybjanský explains. He was inspired to invent Somavedic by his own health issues.

He suffered from acute inflammation of his pancreas, diseased spleen and a tough form of psoriasis. Eventually, thanks to a few meetings with renowned healers, he understood on a deep level that all diseases are reflections of mistakes that one does in his life, but also past lives, and totally shifted his entire paradigm. After his healing, he began to be interested in health on a deeper level and through continuous research and education, he developed Somavedic, which, summed up, „works on the basis of directed streaming of energy from healing gemstones that interact with each other in many combinations and multiply their effects mutually.“ My intent was to make a device that would cover or eliminate the maximum amount of the load that blocks the natural regeneration of human beings and weaken the organism“. And according to the feedback from all corners of the world, from the Czech Republic to Japan to the United Arab Emirates, he succeeded.

As soon as previously mentioned Milka Nisslmüllerová heard that Somavedic is capable of counteracting even the detrimental effects of mobile phone radiation class 4G and according to the latest tests even 5G, she acted on the impulse and contacted world-famous german-american doctor Dietrich Klinghardt. He is one of the enlightened doctors to understand that apart from the physical body, there is also emotional, quantum and mental body which all affect the physical one. In order for one to be in harmony, all bodies need to be in alignment.

The agreed to place the devices into bioresonance healing centers in Germany and Austria. Before long, Dr. Klinghardt sent a delegation of doctors to arrange a further partnership. Furthermore, they invited Mr. Rybjanský to give a lecture at a congress in Vienna this October. And so, after Japan, Austria is awaiting.

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